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Big Cat Electric Bikes

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We are pleased to announce our latest addition to our electric bicycle product line - the Big Cat Electric Bikes. Their lineup includes the Big Cat Fat Cat, Big Cat Ghost Rider, Big Cat Long Beach Cruiser, Big Cat Hampton Folding Electric and Big Cat Fat Cat XL models. These Big Cat e-bikes are ideal for all levels of riders, and are available in a wide range of designs, colors, styles and models.

Big Cat Models

Big Cat Fat Cat with Green Rims Big Cat Ghost Rider Ghost Rider Green Rims Big Cat Fat Cat Big Cat Fat Cat - Orange Rims

Big Cat Hampton Folding Bike - Green Rims Big Cat Hampton Folding Bike - Orange Rims Big Cat Long Beach Cruiser Big Cat Long Beach Cruiser - White Frame Teal Rims Long Beach Cruiser - Black Frame Green Rims Long Beach Cruiser - White Frame Black Rims

We will be launching an updated website in a few weeks, with spec sheets for all the new Big Cat models and updates to existing product lines. In the meantime, contact us for details on these new models.

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